The Power of Sound Healing

The Power of Sound Healing

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Music plays an important role on human beings.  Often on the internet, many influencers are musicians.  Best of all, music brings benefits to our mental health and well-being.

In the same spirit, if we listen to a song sung by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, will we receive special blessings? 

Ruohui Ruzun – the Abbess of Hua Zang Si, told us in a recent youtube talk that as long as it is sung by His Holiness,  there will always be the power of healing and blessings.

How are the songs sung by the Buddha like?

Ruohui Ruzun further advised us how we could admire the Buddha’s songs:

  1. Lyrics: Other than the Heart Sutra and the Six-Syllables Bright Mantra, the Buddha composed all the collections of songs.  The lyrics have deep meanings and have offered inspiration in work and life. They are easy to understand.  The philosophical sayings, especially, have become quotes of wisdom for many. 
  1. Voice: The Buddha can sing low or high voices and in many more different ways. The voice of the Buddha is empowering and can create a cleansing and purifying effect.  Playing the Heart Sutra sung by the Buddha at home can eliminate negative energy or phenomena and promote harmony in the ambient environment.  Many disciples do that at home and felt the same amazing true result.  
  1. Sincerity: Everyone will receive blessings whether he/she listens to the songs in a relaxed setting or with the utmost sincerity. Of course, if one listens to them with deeper devotion, one will definitely receive greater corresponding blessings. 

Are you ready to listen to the Heart Sutra sung by the Buddha? Click here. It is six minutes long. To me, it is powerful, yet calming. How is it for you?

The Power of Sound Healing


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May all be auspicious for us. Happy Holidys to you all!

May all be auspicious for us. Happy Holidays to you all!

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If recited when you wake in the morning, you will enjoy the total days fulfilment.

If recited before bed, you will enjoy pleasant dreams.

If recited before activity, all works can be successfully accomplished.

If recited before a contest, you will be victorious.

If recited regularly, you will enjoy long life, glorious health, fame, auspiciousness, prosperity, happiness and removal of negative karma and obscurations. And higher birth is certain. Stated by Buddha.

Tashi Prayer (The Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones)
by Jamgon Mipham

May all be auspicious for us.

Prostrations to all the Buddhas,
Dharma, and Noble Sangha who
dwell in the Auspicious Realms of
the ten directions where all appearance
is completely pure; its nature spontaneously

Prostrations to the Eight Sugatas.
Auspiciousness and success increase
merely hearing your names: Tararaja,
Shri-maitreya-lankara, Shri-varashubha-kirti,
Sarva-shayodara-kirtiman, Shri-sumeru-vadaya-kaushala-kirti,
Shri-arya-sattva-shaya-kirti, Shri-mantusha-karakaushala-sukirti.

Prostrations to the Eight Bodhisattvas
characterized gracefully holding each of the emblems:
utpala flower, vajra, white lotus, naga-tree, jewel,
moon, sword, and sun, supreme in granting
auspiciousness and success, the youthful Manjusri,
the glorious Vajrapani, Avalokiteshvara, the protector
Maitreya, Kshitigarbha, Nivaranaviskambin,
Akashagarbha, and noble Samantabhadra.

Prostrations to the Eight Auspicious Goddesses,
the holders of the Eight Precious Symbols,
pleasing with offerings [of beauty, garlands, song, dance, flowers, incense, light, and perfume] to the Buddhas
of all directions and time.

Thinking of their essential qualities makes success and fame grow:
the Precious Umbrella, Auspicious Golden Fish,
Wish-granting Vase, Exquisite Lotus, Conch of Fame,
Knot of Prosperity, Victory Banner, and Majestic Wheel.

Prostrations to the Eight Guardians of the World.
Each holds the divine emblems: wheel, trident,
dart, vajra, vina, sword, stupa,
and banner of victory.
Auspiciously develop
virtue and happiness in the three realms,
Mahabrahma, Shambhu, Narayana,
Sahasrajna, the Kings Dhritirashtra,
Virudhaka, Virupaksha the Lord of Nagas,
and Vaishravana.With the work we have begun now, pacify all obstacles
and harmful influences. May the fulfillment of wishes,
increase of glory, good fortune, prosperity and happiness
be met.

May all be auspicious for us.

May all be auspicious for us. Happy Holidays to you all!

NOTE: The Tashi Prayer is a short text written by Jamyang Mipham (1846-1912), a major figure in 19th Century Tibetan Buddhism. The prayer is a condensation of the much longer Sutra of the Words of Auspiciousness, which was taught by Shakyamuni Buddha. The purpose of the prayer is to pay homage to and supplicate four kinds of awakened beings (buddhas, male bodhisattvas, female bodhisattvas, and protectors) so as to receive their blessings for both spiritual and worldly success.

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Tomorrow will be better

Tomorrow will be better

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I was in limbo for a while at the beginning of the year.

I felt lost and didn’t know what the future held for me.

I will never forget the year 2022.

But the truth is:

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has brought Correct Dharma to our world.

We have received Dharma transmissions from a Buddha.

Everyone who practices in accordance with The Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation and Imparting the Absolute Truth Through the Heart Sutra will surely attain liberation as stated in announcement 62 from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Office.

We have found the treasure and it is in our hands.

The Buddha has done it all for us.

We have got everything we need.

What is next?

Tomorrow will be better.

It is up to you what you will do with the rest of your life.

Tomorrow will be better

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The attraction of good luck

The attraction of good luck

“Mangala” means something auspicious, a blessing, happiness, a good or lucky sign, or an omen.

In the Mangala Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha told us what to do so we can live an auspicious/happy life.

I heard these words of the Buddha one time when the Lord was living in the vicinity of Savatthi at the Anathapindika Monastery in the Jeta Grove. Late at night, a deva appeared whose light and beauty made the whole Jeta Grove shine radiantly. After paying respects to the Buddha, the deva asked him a question in the form of a verse:

“Many gods and men are eager to know

what are the greatest blessings

which bring about a peaceful and happy life.

Please, Tathagata, will you teach us?”

(This is the Buddha’s answer):

“Not to be associated with the foolish ones,

to live in the company of wise people,

honoring those who are worth honoring —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To live in a good environment,

to have planted good seeds,

and to realize that you are on the right path —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To have a chance to learn and grow,

to be skillful in your profession or craft,

practicing the precepts and loving speech —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To be able to serve and support your parents,

to cherish your own family,

to have a vocation that brings you joy —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To live honestly, generous in giving,

to offer support to relatives and friends,

living a life of blameless conduct —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To avoid unwholesome actions,

not caught by alcoholism or drugs,

and to be diligent in doing good things —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To be humble and polite in manner,

to be grateful and content with a simple life,

not missing the occasion to learn the Dharma —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To persevere and be open to change,

to have regular contact with monks and nuns,

and to fully participate in Dharma discussions —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To live diligently and attentively,

to perceive the Noble Truths,

and to realize Nirvana —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To live in the world

with your heart undisturbed by the world,

with all sorrows ended, dwelling in peace —

this is the greatest happiness.

“For he or she who accomplishes this,

unvanquished wherever she goes,

always he is safe and happy —

happiness lives within oneself.”

Mahamangala Sutta, Sutta Nipata 1

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has imparted so many dharmas!

May we all not miss the occasions to learn them.

To be able to learn and practice them is the greatest fortune for us all.

May this sutra bring you on the path to happiness, and a few moments of relief from all stresses.

Happy holidays!

The attraction of good luck

Source of the sutra: Mangala Sutra


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Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of meditation

Life is hectic; however, a sitting session of 5 or 10 minutes daily can make a big change in our life.

Sit upright, take a deep breath in, and breath out to relax your spine.

Embrace these minutes of solitude in silence.

In your mind, count from 1 to 10 and back to 1 to 10 again.

Focus on the numbers, nothing else.

Start today.

Make it a routine.

It will be a game changer…

Only then, can you tell me…

What are the benefits of meditation for you?

Benefits of meditation


My Experience from Respectfully Listening to the Recorded Dharma Discourses Expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

My Experience from Respectfully Listening to the Recorded Dharma Discourses Expounded 
by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

I feel very fortunate and lucky that I can have the opportunity to listen respectfully to the recorded dharma discourses expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

The recorded dharma discourses expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III that I listened to include What is Cultivation?Impermanence, and others. Every time after respectfully listening to a recorded dharma discourse, I felt like being a fully charged computer. The dharma discourse alerted me to wake up from complex and chaotic worldly matters, reminding me that I must cultivate to become liberated from samsara and benefit others using the benefits I received.

In particular, the dharma discourse expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III entitled A Deviated Mind Attached to Phenomena is Mara; Differentiation under Any Circumstances Diverges from the State of Meditation benefited me especially very much. After respectfully listening to this dharma discourse, I began to learn how to put down attachment to self and how to prevent myself from being pulled by external states. However, in this process of learning, I am still often attached to various matters due to my habitual nature of an ordinary being. Only until after the incident, was I able to introspect to realize that I should hold up the correct thought, cultivate myself well, and put down attachment to self. Then I again began to make the effort to act according to the teaching.

I have been back and forth in this process. I make mistakes often, but I also repeatedly remind myself after the incident. 

Under a karmic condition, misunderstanding was produced between me and several friends of mine due to our different opinions in the process of working together. One of them attacked and criticized me in many ways. Had the situation occurred before I started to learn Buddhism and cultivate myself, I would have rebutted and scolded loudly in return long ago. Then the result would definitely be like a struggle of life and death. However, I was very calm at that time. I knew that if I was attached to it, afflictions would arise in me. I thought, “I should put it down. There is no need to explain. After a while, this misunderstanding will be untied and solved.” In the end, the misunderstanding did become resolved due to the rising of another karmic condition. As an after-thought, I feel this really is a beneficial effect from listening to the dharma, so that I was able to hold up my correct thinking in this unfavorable situation and continue to learn and act according to the teaching!

Therefore, I am very grateful to the opportunity of encountering the true dharma of the Tathagata from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III!

I am grateful to all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions!

Written by Liling Chen 

My Experience from Respectfully Listening to the Recorded Dharma Discourses Expounded 
by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III


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