The Power of Sound Healing

The Power of Sound Healing

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Music plays an important role on human beings.  Often on the internet, many influencers are musicians.  Best of all, music brings benefits to our mental health and well-being.

In the same spirit, if we listen to a song sung by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, will we receive special blessings? 

Ruohui Ruzun – the Abbess of Hua Zang Si, told us in a recent youtube talk that as long as it is sung by His Holiness,  there will always be the power of healing and blessings.

How are the songs sung by the Buddha like?

Ruohui Ruzun further advised us how we could admire the Buddha’s songs:

  1. Lyrics: Other than the Heart Sutra and the Six-Syllables Bright Mantra, the Buddha composed all the collections of songs.  The lyrics have deep meanings and have offered inspiration in work and life. They are easy to understand.  The philosophical sayings, especially, have become quotes of wisdom for many. 
  1. Voice: The Buddha can sing low or high voices and in many more different ways. The voice of the Buddha is empowering and can create a cleansing and purifying effect.  Playing the Heart Sutra sung by the Buddha at home can eliminate negative energy or phenomena and promote harmony in the ambient environment.  Many disciples do that at home and felt the same amazing true result.  
  1. Sincerity: Everyone will receive blessings whether he/she listens to the songs in a relaxed setting or with the utmost sincerity. Of course, if one listens to them with deeper devotion, one will definitely receive greater corresponding blessings. 

Are you ready to listen to the Heart Sutra sung by the Buddha? Click here. It is six minutes long. To me, it is powerful, yet calming. How is it for you?

The Power of Sound Healing


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