The attraction of good luck

The attraction of good luck

“Mangala” means something auspicious, a blessing, happiness, a good or lucky sign, or an omen.

In the Mangala Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha told us what to do so we can live an auspicious/happy life.

I heard these words of the Buddha one time when the Lord was living in the vicinity of Savatthi at the Anathapindika Monastery in the Jeta Grove. Late at night, a deva appeared whose light and beauty made the whole Jeta Grove shine radiantly. After paying respects to the Buddha, the deva asked him a question in the form of a verse:

“Many gods and men are eager to know

what are the greatest blessings

which bring about a peaceful and happy life.

Please, Tathagata, will you teach us?”

(This is the Buddha’s answer):

“Not to be associated with the foolish ones,

to live in the company of wise people,

honoring those who are worth honoring —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To live in a good environment,

to have planted good seeds,

and to realize that you are on the right path —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To have a chance to learn and grow,

to be skillful in your profession or craft,

practicing the precepts and loving speech —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To be able to serve and support your parents,

to cherish your own family,

to have a vocation that brings you joy —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To live honestly, generous in giving,

to offer support to relatives and friends,

living a life of blameless conduct —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To avoid unwholesome actions,

not caught by alcoholism or drugs,

and to be diligent in doing good things —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To be humble and polite in manner,

to be grateful and content with a simple life,

not missing the occasion to learn the Dharma —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To persevere and be open to change,

to have regular contact with monks and nuns,

and to fully participate in Dharma discussions —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To live diligently and attentively,

to perceive the Noble Truths,

and to realize Nirvana —

this is the greatest happiness.

“To live in the world

with your heart undisturbed by the world,

with all sorrows ended, dwelling in peace —

this is the greatest happiness.

“For he or she who accomplishes this,

unvanquished wherever she goes,

always he is safe and happy —

happiness lives within oneself.”

Mahamangala Sutta, Sutta Nipata 1

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has imparted so many dharmas!

May we all not miss the occasions to learn them.

To be able to learn and practice them is the greatest fortune for us all.

May this sutra bring you on the path to happiness, and a few moments of relief from all stresses.

Happy holidays!

The attraction of good luck

Source of the sutra: Mangala Sutra


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Gratitude Chant

Gratitude Chant


My gratitude to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and Namo Guan Yin Bodhisattva for giving me my children to raise and love.

My gratitude to the correct teaching of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III for transforming me from a caring mother to a caring woman who sees all living beings in suffering and in need of my help too.

May you all enjoy the Buddha name chant during the holiday season.

It is the best time to show our homage / gratitude to the greatest guru of all times.

南無第三世多杰羌佛 Námó dì sān shì duō jié qiāng fú

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The Explanation of the Buddha’s Title “H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III”

The Explanation of the Buddha’s Title “H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III”

The Explanation of the Buddha’s Title – “H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III”

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On April 3, 2008, a solemn and dignified first-publishing ceremony of a fact-recording book entitled H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, which published jointly by the World Buddhism Publishing LLC and the World Dharma Voice, Inc., was held at the Library of the Congress of the United States. The book was also formally accepted into the collection of the Library of the Congress of the United States. Only since that time, did people in the world know that Master Wan Ko Yee, who had been broadly respected by the great masses and who had also been known as Great Dharma King Yangwo Yeshe Norbu, had been recognized by the world’s leaders, regent dharma kings, and great rinpoches of Buddhism through official documents as the third incarnation of Dorje Chang Buddha, who is the primordial Sambhogakaya Buddha of the universe. The Buddha’s name is H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Since then, people began to address His Holiness the Buddha by “Namo[1] Dorje Chang Buddha III.” This is similar to the situation that Sakyamuni Buddha’s name was Prince Siddhartha Gotama before attaining Buddhahood. However, after Sakyamuni Buddha had attained Buddhahood, His title changed to “Namo Sakyamuni Buddha.” That is why we now address His Holiness the Buddha as “H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.” In particular, on December 12, 2012, the Senate Resolution No. 614 of the United States Congress officially used “His Holiness” in the name addressing Dorje Chang Buddha III (That is to say, “H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.”) Since then, the title and status of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has been definitive by nature. And, as a matter of fact, “Dorje Chang Buddha III” is a name used legally in governmental and official legislative documents. Therefore, the previously used respected name and titles such as “Wan Ko Yee,” Great Master, and Great Dharma King no longer exist. However, the news below was published before the Buddha’s title of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III was publicly announced. At that time, people did not know about the true status of His Holiness the Buddha. Therefore, to respect the true history, we still kept the names used before the title of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III was legitimately determined in republishing this news. However, all must clearly know that the only legitimate name of His Holiness the Buddha is H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and all other names used before the legitimate determination no longer exist.



佛弟子訪談- AM1300中文廣播電臺 專訪美國舊金山華藏寺住持若慧法師【第八集】

佛弟子訪談- AM1300中文廣播電臺 專訪美國舊金山華藏寺住持若慧法師【第八集】



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What is the Best Way to Celebrate a Birthday?

What is the Best Way to Celebrate a Birthday?

What is the best way to celebrate a birthday? Often we want to give our family members or loved ones a special surprise on this day.  What can we do to make this special day even more special?  When we google it, we will find all kinds of answers and ideas.  One answer I found: The best way to celebrate your birthday is to do something new each year. And this suggestion I am about to share with all of you is something many people have never done – hosting a fish release in celebration of your own birthday.

What is so special about releasing fish or any captive animals to celebrate a birthday? All living beings are equal.  When we set them free, it is as if they are reborn again.  They are given another chance to live as a result of our kind deed.  Celebrating a birthday is as celebrating many birthdays for all the lives we have just saved. We accumulate countless merits from saving lives. It is said that the merits from saving lives will prolong our life and improve our health.  There are numerous miracle stories in which people get ill and later on their health is dramatically improved after releasing many captive animals.

Other than celebrating our own birthday, we can also release captive animals in honor of someone we highly respect.  Every year in August, we release captive marine animals in celebration of the holy birthdays of Fomu佛母 and Jinba Dharma King金巴法王. This year we released lives on August 8 at San Rafael, CA. Ruo Hui Dharma Master, the Abbess of Hua Zang Si in San Francisco, together with the monastics conducted the fish release.  It was nice to see everyone there again with the same mind of saving living beings in pain and fear, and setting them all free back to the ocean. When I held the bucket of water with a couple of big crabs in it, I chanted the Six-Character Great Bright Mantra of Guan Yin Bodhisattvas.  Wishing them all the best, I then poured the water and crabs back to the ocean.  It was a quick hello and goodbye.  I wish them a safe and sound journey back home.

May all living beings be treated equally because we all have the Buddha nature in us.  All of us have the same chance to live happily, practice, and eventually become an enlightened one.

May the merits from today bring comfort and hope to those in pain impacted by the pandemic and all the natural disasters.

May the fearlessness of Guan Yin Bodhisattva bring us the courage, and never ever will we give up on our practice to become a better person and make the world a better place.

May all living beings have the karmic condition to embrace the teachings of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and His grace.

-Western Lotus

What is the Best Way to Celebrate a Birthday?


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My Experience from Respectfully Listening to the Recorded Dharma Discourses Expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

My Experience from Respectfully Listening to the Recorded Dharma Discourses Expounded 
by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

I feel very fortunate and lucky that I can have the opportunity to listen respectfully to the recorded dharma discourses expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

The recorded dharma discourses expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III that I listened to include What is Cultivation?Impermanence, and others. Every time after respectfully listening to a recorded dharma discourse, I felt like being a fully charged computer. The dharma discourse alerted me to wake up from complex and chaotic worldly matters, reminding me that I must cultivate to become liberated from samsara and benefit others using the benefits I received.

In particular, the dharma discourse expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III entitled A Deviated Mind Attached to Phenomena is Mara; Differentiation under Any Circumstances Diverges from the State of Meditation benefited me especially very much. After respectfully listening to this dharma discourse, I began to learn how to put down attachment to self and how to prevent myself from being pulled by external states. However, in this process of learning, I am still often attached to various matters due to my habitual nature of an ordinary being. Only until after the incident, was I able to introspect to realize that I should hold up the correct thought, cultivate myself well, and put down attachment to self. Then I again began to make the effort to act according to the teaching.

I have been back and forth in this process. I make mistakes often, but I also repeatedly remind myself after the incident. 

Under a karmic condition, misunderstanding was produced between me and several friends of mine due to our different opinions in the process of working together. One of them attacked and criticized me in many ways. Had the situation occurred before I started to learn Buddhism and cultivate myself, I would have rebutted and scolded loudly in return long ago. Then the result would definitely be like a struggle of life and death. However, I was very calm at that time. I knew that if I was attached to it, afflictions would arise in me. I thought, “I should put it down. There is no need to explain. After a while, this misunderstanding will be untied and solved.” In the end, the misunderstanding did become resolved due to the rising of another karmic condition. As an after-thought, I feel this really is a beneficial effect from listening to the dharma, so that I was able to hold up my correct thinking in this unfavorable situation and continue to learn and act according to the teaching!

Therefore, I am very grateful to the opportunity of encountering the true dharma of the Tathagata from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III!

I am grateful to all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions!

Written by Liling Chen 


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义云高(H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛)画作连创天价 自成一家誉毁不掛心

义云高(H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛)画作连创天价 自成一家誉毁不掛心-1

义云高(H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛)画作连创天价 自成一家誉毁不掛心


二零零八年四月三日,由全球佛教出版社和世界法音出版社出版的多杰羌佛第三世记实一书在美国国会图书馆举行了庄严隆重的首发仪式,美国国会图书馆并正式收藏此书,自此人们才知道原来一直广受大家尊敬的义云高大师、仰谔益西诺布大法王,被世界佛教各大教派的领袖或摄政王、大活佛行文认证,就是宇宙始祖报身佛多杰羌佛的第三世降世,佛号为第三世多杰羌佛,从此,人们就以“南无第三世多杰羌佛”来称呼了。这就犹如释迦牟尼佛未成佛前,其名号为悉达多太子,但自释迦牟尼佛成佛以后,就改称“南无释迦牟尼佛”了,所以,我们现在称“南无第三世多杰羌佛”。尤其是,二零一二年十二月十二日,美国国会参议院第614号决议正式以His Holiness来冠名第三世多杰羌佛(即H.H.第三世多杰羌佛),从此南无第三世多杰羌佛的称位已定性。而且,第三世多杰羌佛也是政府法定的名字,以前的“义云高”和大师、总持大法王的尊称已经不存在了。但是,这个新闻是在南无第三世多杰羌佛号未公布之前刊登的,那时人们还不了解佛陀的真正身份,所以,为了尊重历史的真实,我们在新闻中仍然保留未法定第三世多杰羌佛称号前所用的名字,但大家要清楚,除H.H.第三世多杰羌佛的名字是合法的以外,在未法定之前的名字已经不存在了。

东森新闻报 速报
义云高(H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛画作连创天价 自成一家誉毁不掛心
2000-12-06 20:30




中国教科文国画研究会顾问周颖南早在现几已绝版的「义云高 (H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛大师画集」的序言中指出,义大师能以几十种不同的技法,无论是山水、人物、走兽、花鸟、鱼虫等,不管是工笔、写意、泼墨,无所不精,无所不通,无一不是具有真实的传统功夫而创新。义大师学识渊博,造诣非凡,著述颇丰,为世界近代史上最负盛名的大学者,虽然他的声名已远播四海五洲,但他的谦虚朴实、高风亮节的德品更是世所难觅,早获世界性学术机构的专家的肯定。


义云高(H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛本人又是如何追求绘画的境界呢?「所谓无我境界,就是一个人将阅历、学识和技艺融为一炉,达到一定程度后,自然而然出现的圣者境界。它是艺术家们取得一定成就之后再度追求的更高目标,企图达到内心世界与大自然的浑然一体性。」庄子公与云高大师相识甚深,他一直认为云高大师的画作之中「储存有功法和讯息」。




世界佛教协会主动为其作品的真迹鉴定担保,凡义云高大师(H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛本人亲自所作的书画,要由义云高大师亲自书写手本保证书,盖上他本人之金印指纹、密记,其手本也必须先由世界佛教协会五明艺术部鉴定后,再盖上「云高」二字密印底纹的精品章,加上义云高大师亲自书写手本,手本上同时鉴盖有世界佛教协会的钢印,并由该会的主席亲自簽字。这也使他成为受到世佛会保证其质量的大画家。

义云高(H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛)画作连创天价 自成一家誉毁不掛心

义云高(H.H. 第三世多杰羌佛)画作连创天价 自成一家誉毁不掛心


第三世多杰羌佛 第三世多杰羌佛正法 第三世多杰羌佛返老回春 第三世多杰羌佛獲世界和平獎 第三世多杰羌佛法音 第三世多杰羌佛藝術 #義雲高 #義雲高大師 #义云高 #义云高大师  #DorjeChangBuddhaIII #MasterWanKoYee  #MasterYiYunnGao

第三世多杰羌佛辦公室 第一號說明


第三世多杰羌佛辦公室今收到咨詢(附件如下),就有關第三世多杰羌佛的認證、仁波且、佛陀、上師、弟子等問題提出求證。現第三世多杰羌佛辦公室特 作一簡略回覆。

1. 第三世多杰羌佛是不是自己自稱的佛陀,任何人只要閱讀《多杰羌佛第三世》寶書即可知道真相。第三世多杰羌佛自從來到這個世界以後,展顯了無聖能比的佛陀智慧,盡管第三世多杰羌佛知道自己是第三世多杰羌佛,但是,第三世多杰羌佛從來都說自己是慚愧者,沒有說過一次自己是佛陀,這一點,從第三世多杰羌佛這麼多年來所宣說、流布在世界各地的法音中就可清清楚楚,一直到第三世多杰羌佛被三師十證行文認證附議祝賀後,第三世多杰羌佛才表明這一身份。






2. 第三世多杰羌佛所說法音,已流布於世界各地利益大眾,供有緣善信恭聞。在《多杰羌佛第三世》寶書中,更有第三世多杰羌佛的聲明,題為:“當今有哪幾位可以代表我收徒、灌頂、傳法、開示、渡生?”凡與第三世多杰羌佛此聲明相違背的,都不是第三世多杰羌佛的法意。

3. 凡是聞受第三世多杰羌佛所說法義的行者都知道,第三世多杰羌佛說法的義諦、所傳皈依法境與釋迦世尊所說佛法義諦完全一樣。第三世多杰羌佛說:“法門有八萬四千,佛法只有一種,都得依教奉行,不能更改。”藏人、漢人,黑人、白人,都是人道眾生,都得依平等因緣之律法行持和善利諸眾。無論是什麼人,善根有差別,解脫依佛規,而學佛成就的律規標準都是正規佛教標準相同的,都是一視同仁,任何聖人或任何行人都無權降低佛陀法規標準。

4. 仁波且分出家仁波且和在家仁波且,凡出家喇嘛是仁波且或法王的,必須持守出家比丘戒等戒規,包括不可吃葷,否則是為破戒喇嘛。在家仁波且必須持守在家人的教誡,總之,一切都依釋迦佛陀制定的教誡為標準,不可因種族、因人而改變。

5. 至于怎麼行佛教的禮節,各派大德都非常懂得,說到禮拜法,有專門的大禮拜禮拜咒以及皈依境儀軌,第三世多杰羌佛所傳的與釋迦牟尼佛、蓮花生大師、宗喀巴大師、瑪爾巴大師、無我母大師等所傳的都是一致的正宗佛教理諦,只有部分特殊聖法是不同的,這是因為釋迦佛陀說法渡生,升化了眾生的根器,成熟了特殊因緣,故第三世多杰羌佛依據眾生因緣傳了特殊佛法,但其戒律照常依於釋迦世尊的規定不變。比如第三世多杰羌佛傳的阿彌陀佛凈土法,修行者可以先到極樂世界參觀後再回到人間,然後依約定時間往升凈土。

6. 弟子對上師頂禮是佛教的教義之一,這是人類眾生的禮節、道德表顯。比如,多智欽法王的弟子對多智欽法王頂禮,阿秋喇嘛的弟子對阿秋喇嘛頂禮,達龍哲珠法王的弟子對達龍哲珠法王頂禮,貝諾法王的弟子對貝諾法王頂禮,楚西法王的弟子對楚西法王頂禮,等等,而且不只限于寧瑪派,其它任何派都一樣,祿東贊法王的弟子對祿東贊法王頂禮,隆慧拉堅的弟子對隆慧拉堅仁波且頂禮,恒生仁波且的弟子對恒生仁波且頂禮,喜饒杰布仁波且的弟子對喜饒杰布仁波且頂禮,這都是應該的,師侄向師伯、師叔頂禮也是必然的禮貌行為。佛弟子不能脫離佛教的教規,不能脫離第三世多杰羌佛的教法,也就是不能脫離釋迦牟尼佛的教法。無論是什麼佛教徒、什麼聖德,都應該以三寶作為頂禮的最高對象。第三世多杰羌佛說:“最要禮敬的巨聖,那就是釋迦牟尼佛陀,這是任何聖德代替不了的,一切行人都應頂禮。”

7. 關于我們這個娑婆世界有哪些佛陀降世,請恭聞第三世多杰羌佛的說法《第三世多杰羌佛開示佛、上師》這一法音。至于多杰仁增仁波且,第三世多杰羌佛沒有宣布過他是大日如來,但說過“多杰仁增仁波且不是佛陀,而是一位嚴持戒行、精進修持、已經解脫的大成就者,開啟過很多伏藏”。

8. 佛法八萬四千法門,各人因緣不同,依止之上師亦不同,這是因果法緣關係,不是人為可以放棄的,不應該放棄所修之法!念佛、參禪、止觀、唯識、密宗、大小二乘,都是應機之教,只要是釋迦佛陀所說之法,不是邪教典籍,都不能放棄,除非所學太多,沒有時間修學例外。
9. 喜饒杰布仁波且在播放第三世多杰羌佛的法音,功德確實是很大的,因為第三世多杰羌佛的法音光明無垢,利益一切眾生。喜饒杰布仁波且是多杰羌佛第三世在這一生中收的第一個入門弟子,但不是多杰羌佛第一世和多杰羌佛第二世的第一個弟子,這其實在法音中和書上已經很清楚。

10. 喜饒杰布仁波且已經在“戈壁沙子”的博客上公開批評這種違背教誡的行為是一位不懂佛教規章的人發表的邪見文論,從這篇公開批評的文章就可知道,邪見文論不是喜饒杰布仁波且的觀點。